Special programs for removal: CCleaner

Benjamin | Aug/ 25/ 2019 | 0

Network malware Cleaner is hard drive care programs, even in the limited free version, has excellent functionality. The application interface is organized in a convenient matrix form, simple and understandable. The first tab is called “Cleaning” and contains Windows and

How to clean through Windows Explorer?

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One of the most frequently used and familiar applications for any user is Windows Explorer. Many of the steps for cleaning a hard disk can be done directly from it. The recycle bin stores files deleted by the user in

Piriform CCleaner Windows 7 cache cleaner

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Piriform CCleaner is perhaps the most famous and popular client in the vast segment of the Internet. The program is very simple, intuitive even for novice users. The excellent free version offers a wide range of functions – cleaning the

Benefits of using Windows cleaner

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Each computer, whether it is a budget laptop or a powerful gaming PC, loses its performance over time, response time increases, and loading becomes slower. This does not depend on the fact that you store a lot of files there

Manual cleaning methods using the Disk Cleanup utility

Benjamin | Aug/ 3/ 2019 | 0

The system utility for cleaning the hard disk erases temporary and unused files, and also cleans the trash. To start the utility, press the “Start” button, then select “All Programs” in the left column. In the drop-down list, click “Standard”,

Where does the trash come from?

Benjamin | Aug/ 2/ 2019 | 0

Caching Network browsers use the hard drive for “caching”, that is, the intermediate storage of information downloaded from the Internet, as well as increasing the speed and stability of work. Unfortunately, they do not like to erase recorded information after

Why do we need Windows cleaner tool?

Benjamin | Aug/ 1/ 2019 | 0

The state of the computer’s hard drive affects the speed of Windows 7, since the system actively uses the free space of the drive for its purposes. Installed applications, user data, as well as temporary and service files, are stored