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Each computer, whether it is a budget laptop or a powerful gaming PC, loses its performance over time, response time increases, and loading becomes slower. This does not depend on the fact that you store a lot of files there or use the latest heavy applications, but on the fact that the OS is clogged with system trash – file fragments, browser caches, duplicate photos, unnecessary programs, etc. Periodic cleaning of Windows and the registry speeds up the download speed by 35-45%, and the speed of work – about 10%.

Windows 7 and 10 productivity improvement with Windows cleaner tools and without

Strictly speaking, you can clean the registry and perform many of these tasks without special applications using the tools built into the OS. Run the program to clean and defragment the disk, delete the history and browser sessions. Remove programs that you no longer use, remove unnecessary ones from startup. The network is full of tips on how to clean your computer so that it does not slow down, but, as a rule, all these actions take quite a lot of time, you should not forget about anything. Not to mention the fact that inexperienced users are scary to get into system cleaning services.

Specialized Windows disk clean up programs have a clear and simple interface, and allow you to perform all these and many other actions with just a couple of button presses. And given that most of them offer free basic versions with all these features, their use is definitely justified. You can configure auto-cleaning of the system with the specified parameters, and your computer will always work fast enough, and you do not need to remember or do anything.

Where to download Windows cleaner equipments?

We strongly recommend downloading programs from official sites. There are sometimes complaints on the network that the client installs additional programs, does not work, deleted something wrong. This happens, among other things, due to hacking of the code. If someone has access to the code, he can use it for his own purposes. It’s all the more illogical to download hacked products if you can get almost all the features for free. Inexperienced users, in fact, do not need many functions, just basic registry cleaning and startup, removing unnecessary files, optimizing disks. And this is all in completely free PC-based cleaners.

Installation is very simple; the only thing you need to follow is the checkmarks of additional programs. Quite often, when installing some cleaners, you can also get several official resources or something like that. Not critical, but unpleasant. Try to clean the computer so that it does not slow down, with a program cleaner, for free. You will definitely notice improvements in work, the appearance of free space on disks and the release of memory, an increase in system performance.

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