Why Men Leave a Relationship

Many women beat themselves up wondering why men leave a relationship. Let’s face it; men can be very confusing to a woman, and vice versa.  First, I have a confession to make — I am a man!  At the risk of being seen as a “traitor” to some of my fellow guys out there, I’m Read more

Why I’m NOT Recommending GuyGetsGirl

It’s not written by the hot girl in the picture, it’s written by a clever internet marketer pretending to be a girl! I will probably get a lot of hate mail about this post but I don’t really care. The reason this book is so popluar is not because it’s any good. No, the reason Read more

Why Do Men Not Call

When They Say They’re Going to, When They Seem Interested, or After a Great Date?  What makes a man not call, especially when he seems to be interested in you?  This is a question that many of my readers ask me. Most of the time when a man does not call and you’re confused by Read more

When In Doubt, Tell The Truth

We’ve all been in the situation before. A friend comes to us and tells us that someone confronted them about something he/she had said and wanted him/her to know that they found it offensive. Our friend goes on to explain why he/she doesn’t agree with what this person said and then … they turn to Read more

What Men Find Attractive in Women

What men find attractive in women… a lot of my readers ask me this question, and they usually want to know what men find PHYSICALLY attractive in women. I’m going to answer that question in this brief article, but I almost hesitate to write this at all.  Why? Because I think the whole”men only care Read more

To Trust or Not To Trust – That is the question

This week we continue our preview of the first 6 sections of The Marriage Program. There are a lot of moving parts to a marriage, but we believe that there are 5 foundational components to a healthy and sustainable relationship. This week I am discussing some of the details of Trust, which is our fourth Read more

The Secret to Attracting Women

What is it with women that make us men so attracted? Is it their physical appearance; flowing hair, ravenous eyes, luscious lips, perky breasts, etc. Or are we attracted to their unending attitude to make us interested, vulnerable and sometimes miserable? Whatever it is, men always want to know how to attract women.  I have Read more

The Roots of Addiction

A lot of us don’t have to look very far to find someone we know that is an addict. For some of us we don’t even have to look beyond ourselves. Addiction is a very prevalent part of our world. Addiction doesn’t have to be a bad thing, although it usually is. If someone were Read more

The Marriage Program Essentials

Program Overview  These are the essentials skills you would learn in this program.  We see a correlation between the construction and maintenance of a physical home and the formation and maintenance of a relational home.   In The Marriage Program Essentials we start by looking at the soil: how your environment and relationships in the Read more

The Fear of Approaching Women

Approaching Women  I was not so thrilled about approaching women by the time I needed to in high school. Women seem to be another species from another planet. Apart from my mom and my sister, I dreaded the time when I had to approach a female classmate for a school project, a dance and the Read more