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The system utility for cleaning the hard disk erases temporary and unused files, and also cleans the trash. To start the utility, press the “Start” button, then select “All Programs” in the left column. In the drop-down list, click “Standard”, then the “Service” folder.

  1. Windows Utilities
  2. Utility package is located in the “Standard”
  3. Among the list of utility utilities, select “Disk Cleanup”.
  4. Windows Disk Cleanup

A separate utility is provided for cleaning the disk. You can get to the same window using the search bar. To do this, press the “Start” button and type in the search bar “Disk Cleanup”. Go to the active tab with the same name.

Search Disk Cleanup

  1. Search helps find any system window
  2. The quickest way to start the utility is to use the Run window: press the key combination Win (with the Windows icon) and R. In the small window that appears in the input line, type cleanmgr.exe and click OK.
  3. You can call the same window with a simple cleanmgr.exe command

The utility starts with the appearance of a small window in which we are invited to select one of the available logical disks for cleaning. Select the device and click “OK.”

  • Select a device from the list
  • Windows 7 immediately launches a disk scan for potential removal candidates.

Preliminary analysis

Having finished the analysis, the utility offers to select the categories of deleted files. Some of them are already marked by default, the rest do not contain marks. For clarity, the window contains a brief reference on why the system perceives this information as garbage.

Microsoft Windows cleaner tools: Clean Master

A very powerful Windows Cleanup Master, which allows you to clean a hard drive from a pile of debris: temporary files, cache, old and empty folders, invalid shortcuts, etc. with just a couple of mouse clicks. After cleaning the system, Clean Master is able to set the optimal system settings to increase its performance. Thanks to this procedure, the computer starts to work faster and more stable (the number of errors, crashes, blue screens decreases).

We want to note that Clean Master has a large database of programs: i.e. he knows where and what kind of garbage the most popular programs on Windows create! In addition, it cleans garbage not only on the HDD (hard disk), but also removes the “tails” in the system registry (various erroneous entries, entries from remote programs, incorrect and erroneous information, etc.). At the first cleaning in Clean Master, many users are horrified by the number of junk files: often their size is 5-10 GB (sometimes more than 15 GB!).

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

As you work with Windows, a large number of erroneous and garbage lines accumulate in its system registry: old program records, remote program records, settings for various applications and games, etc. All this begins to affect the performance of your computer over time. Auslogics Registry Cleaner is Windows cleaner app that can remove all unnecessary from the registry: garbage, erroneous and old entries, “tails” from remote programs, etc.

Using the utility is very simple – after installation and launch, you need to click only one “scan” button. After a while, the program will provide you with a report on the work done: you agree and clean the system.

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