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Network malware Cleaner is hard drive care programs, even in the limited free version, has excellent functionality. The application interface is organized in a convenient matrix form, simple and understandable. The first tab is called “Cleaning” and contains Windows and “Applications” tabs, each of which contains a list of potentially garbage groups of files created by system utilities or applications. By default, the user is offered the safest option to choose what is considered unnecessary information, but everything is quite simple to change: just put or uncheck the box next to the name of the file group.

CCleaner network download program

If the results of the analysis do not suit us, you can revise the selection options in the bookmarks. It might be worth clearing an extra group. Otherwise, click “Cleaning”, confirm your intention and start cleaning. You can delete files in CCleaner and click “OK” to confirm. CCleaner also provides a convenient tool for uninstalling unnecessary applications. The “Uninstall programs” utility is placed in the “Tools” folder. The list occupies the main part of the window, contains all the basic information about applications and two removal options. The “Uninstall” screen button launches the built-in uninstall utilities of the applications themselves.

Removing programs is organized very conveniently. The package contains the ability to clean not only the hard disk, but also the registry, startup list, as well as external media. To erase confidential information without the possibility of recovery, you can use the utility “Erase disks”. An additional advantage of the CCleaner package is its flexible settings system, which allows you to set the frequency of automatic cleanings, exclusions from deletion rules, or additional restrictions on the age of temporary files.

TuneUp Utilities (AVG PC TuneUp)

The comprehensive optimization package of the TuneUp Utilities system was partially renamed after the sale of the rights to it to the new owner. The application consists of a large set of utilities, some of which are designed to combat digital junk.

AVG PC TuneUp Features

The list of functions is significant. For the convenience of the user, the utilities are combined into large blocks, including “Freeing up disk space”. Such a presentation of the program’s menu is simpler and more understandable. Using the package is very easy; the interface is simple and friendly. Of course, you should start work by starting a scan located in the “Service” block.

We start by scanning. Then we select the block “Freeing up disk space” we need and run the procedures contained in it. Basic hard disk cleaning utilities:

  • Disk Cleaner. These are mainly temporary system and application files.
  • Disk Space Explorer. Reveals hidden disk reserves by compiling a list of the hundred most capacious files on the drive.
  • Duplicate finder: searches for files in different places on the disk. Clones are detected even if they have different names.
  • Browser Cleaner: a separate utility that cleans corrupted and obsolete files created by one of several dozens of the most famous browsers.

AVG PC TuneUp Cleaning Tools

There are several tools for cleaning. The disadvantages of TuneUp Utilities include the aggressiveness of the default settings, so it is better not to use them without adjustment, so as not to lose important and necessary files or programs. This is easy to do, just select the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. In addition, many users complain about the poor performance of the disk defragmentation utility, which is set by default. It is necessary to remove it from the settings, and use other applications for defragmentation.

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