I have no idea how to begin this post on how to attract women, because I have wrote about this topic literally hundreds of time already. And it really bugs me that 95% of the guys out there have absolutely no clue when it comes to women and dating.

In reality learning how to attract women is really simple, and I’m dead serious about it. The truth is once you get the hand of it, or see the «bigger picture» you’ll begin to wonder «why I  even bothered to study these stuff before».

OK, I know by this point many of you are probably thinking: «Ya, maybe for you, cause your probably good looking, or you were naturally born to be attractive to women. Attracting and dating women is hard, and he acts like as it is nothing.»

Well dude, I know how you feel, that’s exactly what went through my mind when I first begin to get better with women and dating. But what you were just thinking cannot be any farther away from the actual truth.

First of all I’m not special, I’m not a male model, I’m not ugly but certainly isn’t what most people would consider to be handsome. And as for if I was born naturally good with women, the answer is of course not!

I’m actually just another guy who has figured it out, and you can too. Women are attracted to traits, and every man can learn them. But, learning how to attract women isn’t something that you do for a short period of time and all of a sudden you become ladies men.

It is a life style; it is a way of being and living, but once you get it and embody the traits that women are attracted to, you’ll begin to look at things different. Anyway without wasting any more time, here are 2 principles you must follow if you want to learn how to attract women:

Commit to Becoming a Naturally Attractive Guy

If you want to improve your way with the ladies right now then the most important thing you can do right now is to actually commit to become a man who is naturally attractive to women. Commit to taking whatever necessary steps to reach your goal, take action, and have a plan and stick to it.

Spent the time to education yourself about women and dating, and take the time to find guys who are already good or successful with women. Learn from the best, watch what they do, and how they interact with women. And from that you can figure out what you were doing wrong, and begin to cast out the parts of your personalities that doesn’t align with you goal of learning how to attract women.

If you just begin to take action towards becoming the kind of man who naturally attracts beautiful women, then every step you make you’ll begin to see and feel a difference.

Leave Your Past Behind

Many men allows their past experience, and past emotions to affect their current dating life. They might have gotten hurt before, or had experience several of bad relationships and maybe you just came out of a horrible marriage.

So, now every time they meet someone new they relate it back to their past experiences and they freak out. You cannot let your past interfere with what’s happening in the present, and you definitely cannot compare your past girlfriend to the girl your currently seeing.

To become a real man you must learn to let go your emotional baggage of the past, and begin to live the now. What ever happened whether it’s bad or good it’s already in the past you cannot change it. A man who cannot leave his past behind is extremely unattractive to women.

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