Unless you have the charm and good looks of George Clooney or some other Hollywood actor, it could be that you’re not good at striking up a conversation with women. There are some men who are naturally good at this, but there are those who find it painfully difficult to talk with hot women who they see on the streets or bump into in bars or other social gatherings. Once they attempt to indulge in small talk with a virtual stranger, they either end up sounding creepy or looking extremely uncomfortable.

But if you want to spruce up your dating life, how can you manage to do so if you cannot even muster up the courage to talk to women? Read on to find out which suggestions you can follow so that you can learn how to effortlessly strike up conversation with women.

How to Easily Strike Up Conversation with Women

To help you out, here are some suggestions that you can borrow on how to effortlessly strike up conversation with women:

1)  Being casual is key!

If you’re still stuck in an era where you are using the pick-up line that your grandfather or dad used decades ago, now’s as good a time as any to ditch this technique. Even if you think that a pick-up line sounds fresh, it’s better to do away with it.

After all, your goal is simply to make a good impression and have that initial contact. For this, being casual and direct is the key. Rather than asking her about the time or commenting about the weather, try another tactic. If she’s carrying a book, ask her about it. If she seems to be engrossed in the gadget that she’s carrying, get her attention by asking her for some tech-related recommendations. If you just saw a commotion out in the street or in the bar, ask her if you saw it.

Basically, the rule of thumb to follow is to be as direct and as casual as possible, and keep the conversation going from there.

2) Don’t ask close-ended questions.

If you happen to be leaving the movie theatre at the same time and you saw this cute girl who is waiting for her friends, ask her what she thought of the film instead of asking «Did you find the movie good?»  Women love expressing themselves and if you ask questions which are only answerable by yes or no, there could be an awkward pause right after.

3) Stop focusing on your feeling of being uncomfortable.

The key to having great conversation with women is for you to let down your guard and have a good time. If you’re too focused on your feelings of being uncomfortable, this will definitely show and make her feel a bit awkward in return.

4) Make it easy for women to talk to you.

Finally, make it easy for women to talk to you. Make sure that you look your best even if you are going casually about your day. Smile a lot and look approachable. Stop obsessing about how you can casually strike up a conversation and just do it. The more that you think about it, the more unnatural and stilted your conversation would be.

Follow these tips and you are bound to become the ultimate conversationalist who has no problems whatsoever striking up casual conversation with women.

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