Here are some of the best dating tips that you will be able to find. Make sure you read and understand all of these dating tips for men before you go on a date so you will be sure that your date will be a success.

  1. Do you think about what topics of conversations will be appropriate before going on a date? Well, DON’T! I know a lot of dating advice out there tells you to prepare topics ahead of time so you don’t run out of a word, that’s fine if you want to do this for the rest of the relationships. Never plan what your conversations, or think about topics. Stick to what you enjoy talking about the most, what you always talk to your friend about. But keep in mind don’t make the date just about you, it’s a date, she doesn’t want to listen to your autobiography.
  2. You should never be late for your date. Women find this insulting and will think of you as insolent and one who doesn’t live up to responsibilities.
  3. It’s a date and nothing more! A lot of men go on day as if they’re going to meet their POTENTIAL wife or girlfriend. And that sucks the fun out of the whole date, the women your dating don’t want that kind of pressures or tension. Just imagine how you would feel if a girl wants you to be her husband on the first day! So relax, enjoy and have fun that is it.
  4. Be at your best. Open doors for her, pull out her chair, and make her see that you are a real gentleman and that she is special. These attributes are very hard to find these days so she will be more than appreciative.
  5. Remember that conversation is a two way street and consists of more than just general sentences and statements. This brings us back to tip #1, the date isn’t just about you! You should ask questions and listen intently as she answers. Give her all of your attention so that she knows that what she is saying is indeed important to you. Be curious about her!
  6. Never brag about your success and how much money you got. If you’re rich fine, keep it to yourself. She’ll find out on her own, you are on a date to buy her love, and honestly most women don’t care about how much money you got on the first date.
  7. This one is related to tip #5…. There are a lot of advices out there telling men not to pay for dinner, or a drink, etc… This is only a good advice to those men who are trying to buy their affections from a woman, but if you only want to share something with her, I don’t see why not! If you want to pick up the tab that’s perfectly fine, there is nothing wrong with that. But, be honest with yourself; ask yourself why you are picking up the tab.
  8. More than likely your job will come up. Be mysterious about it, make her guess or make up some ridiculous position and say it in a way that she knows you are joking. And you can do this no matter what you’re actual job is, whether it be the CEO of some big corporation, or you’re just the pizza delivery boy. However, don’t go over board or you might come off as a jerk and arrogant asshole.
  9. If you think you need to touch up on manners and etiquette then you should do so. If you don’t think you need to do so, still take a peek into a book or search online. You may find something you never knew about before.
  10. The last of the dating tips for men is for you to learn to dance. Yes, even a little bit helps. You don’t need to go to classes, just boogie down in front of the mirror and make sure you don’t look like a complete fool in public.

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