A good 90% of the men who wants to learn to be more successful with women will fail, unless the ways to make woman laugh. There is nothing that can loosen up someone’s spirit quite like laughter does. Researcher have shown that laughter is medicine for the soul, but apart from that, if you can make a woman laugh, chances are she will more likely to be attracted to you and want to be around you.

If you want to make women laugh a good place to start is with a joke. If you do not know her at all you won’t be familiar with what moves her so try to be as general as possible. Try to make a joke about something happening around you. Remember that less is more. If she smiles at the first joke, you should start a conversation and not just keep joking around. If you do it way too often it is hard to take you seriously, that’s what you want not to happen either.

Let your personality work for you. If you are a funny kind of guy don’t feel inhibited, this might just be what you need to make women laugh. Again don’t overdo it, not every women will like your humor, so remember to do it in little doses.

But, if you are more the serious type you can still be serious and tell a joke, your dry sense humor maybe exactly what she is looking for. Either way you would have made her laugh which will open her up to conversation.
If you are already actively dating, then you will be able to make her laugh without too much effort. You can easily just be yourself and a joke about pretty much anything or situations as long as it is not offensive.

This also adds a little magic to your humor, as it makes the joke more spontaneous and natural to her. You see, by this time you would have learned enough about her to know what makes her laugh or not.

You might not believe me but, one of the best ways to make a woman laugh is though self-deprecating humor. Yes it’s true, but most guys when I tell them this never listen to me, but this is absolutely a great way to make women laugh. Just don’t come off as self degrading like Woody Allen.

Tell them a real funny story about something that happened to you and even if they don’t want to laugh, a little smile will come through. So, tell her about your mistakes, misunderstandings and shortcomings. If you can’t find a joke to fit this category, then you can try something else.

No matter what you do, do not make the joke about anybody else. She may view this as insensitive and God forbid she knows the person; that would be even worse.

Another way to make women laugh without even saying a word is by your actions. Do a little dance or make a funny face. If she is in good spirits it is very likely she will laugh. You can also do it in a way as if your playing with her, she will be more likely to laugh if she doesn’t think you are putting on a show for her.

Just remember women loves to have fun, make her remember the enjoyable time she had as a little girl playing in the playgrounds.

And I have saved the best for last. The best way to make women laugh is to let them feel comfortable. Once they are comfortable around you, you will be thinking about ways not to make them laugh as they will always be happy and will laugh at any and almost everything you say.

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