Glad to see you here on How to Attract Women Advice. Com. Which means you have taken the first step or are more serious than 95% of the guys out there in terms of learning how to attract women and really getting this area of your life handle.

And I want to let you know that I have a lot of respect for you taking your first step, and I personally toke the same steps you did a few years back. So I’m not any different then you, I’m not special, I’m just a few years ahead of you. Anyway before I get started on what I have learn about how to attract women, let me quickly tell you who I’m and why you should even listen to me.

I’m Scott, and a few years back my girlfriend broke up with me and left me devastated. I felt hopeless, and was very depress. I was a college student, had no money, and was an average looking guy. But the break up drove me to figure out what it takes to be successful with women, and the secrets of how to attract women.

Well, that’s enough about me if you are interested in learning more about me check the «About Me» page. But otherwise I’m going to share with you a few ideas on what exactly it takes to learn how to attract women, so you can meet and date any women you desire anywhere.

Every Body Learns It

Ok, the first secret of how to attract women is that everybody learns it, nobody is born to be great with women. The only difference is when and how you learn to attract women. Some guys learn it naturally because of the environments they grew up in, and other guys like me made an conscious effort to learn it.

I really don’t know how else to convince you that anybody can learn to get better with women, and finally starting to date the type of women you want and deserve.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an average Joe, who don’t have a huge bank, or if you don’t look like Brad Pitt. Because women aren’t just attracted looks and money, they are attract to certain type of personality. And all you have to do is learn to convey these personalities that you already have.

It Takes Time

So many guys out there are looking for that one single line, or that one single routine that will get them lay with thousands of beautiful women. That if they just walk in to the room and every women will start to strip naked for them.

Well, unfortunately there isn’t such a thing as a quick fix when it comes to dating and meeting beautiful girls. But you can make all your dream or desire is with women come true whatever they might be. It just takes a little bit of time and practices.

There are great tools and books out there that will teach you the skills you need to become irresistible with women, but as with all skills it takes time to perfect and master them. So stop seeking for that one special magic line that will get you lay.

No Men Gets Every Girl

When I first got in to the whole «game’ thing and learning how to attract women, I had this mindset that every girl can be won over if I have the right tactics.

Why do I think that way, well because all the dating materials out there that teaches men on how to attract women says so. So guys fall in to this trap of thinking they can attract every single girl that they meet.

They become obsessed with trying to attract every women, and they take rejection very personally. And this sucks every bit of fun out of their entire dating life, and makes them miserable.

The truth is even if you have master every single skills, or learn every little tricks in the book. You’ll still get rejected, and you will still get shut down. These skills will increase your success rate with women by 90% compare to an average guy, but this doesn’t mean you won’t get rejected ever again.
So don’t get obsessed with results, instead learn to let it go and understand that every women is different. And there are just women out there that won’t find you attractive no matter what you do or say, but luckily they only entitles 1% of all the girls your going to meet.

The Magic Bullet: The Secret of How to Attract Women

Now, I’m going to share with a magic bullet that works 99% of the time with any women you desire.

Yes, I know I said that there isn’t a super quick fix on how to attract women, and I stand by that. But the magic bullet I’m going to tell you isn’t a quick fix, but rather something any men can do right now that will increase his success with women dramatically.

So without further ado the # secret of how to attract women is…. HONESTY.
Most men are dishonest, especially the nice guys, and this is why fundamentally girls are not attracted to nice guys. Why do I say that?
Well, think about it… what do most so called nice guys do? They either act nice to try and win her heart, or they pretend to be her friend but secretly wants to sleep with her, and that’s dishonest.

After talking to dozens of guys on this subject, I realize the biggest problem isn’t that they’re not being honest to the women, but they’re being dishonest with themselves. Learn to be honest with yourself, you don’t need to hide your desire as a men, and you especially don’t need to hide the fact that you’re a men. There is nothing wrong with just wanting to have sex as long as you’re honest about it.

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