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Caching Network browsers use the hard drive for “caching”, that is, the intermediate storage of information downloaded from the Internet, as well as increasing the speed and stability of work. Unfortunately, they do not like to erase recorded information after finishing work.

  • Temporary files. Many applications create temporary storages of service information on the disk: current settings, clipboard, intermediate copies, and much more. They also do not seek to clean up this information for themselves – the drive is clogged.
  • Remains of remote applications. The uninstall procedure does not always go flawlessly; often incomprehensible files and entire folders remain that have not been needed by the user for a long time.
  • Windows 7 files. The operating system creates many temporary, intermediate, and work files. Emergency exit, random crashes and software conflicts turn many of them into digital junk.

Wise Disk Cleaner

It is Windows disk cleanup tool. Wise Disk Cleaner is very easy to use: after installing and running the program, you will see a window with several tabs:

  1. Quick cleaning: the section is suitable if you want to quickly and without troubles remove garbage from the disk and free up a bit of space on the HDD. All that is required of you is to click the mouse button once – it is convenient;
  2. Deep cleaning: a more thorough scan of the hard drive to find everything that can and should be removed (I recommend for those who have some experience in cleaning the PC);
  3. System cleaning: a special section where you can delete various unnecessary Windows files. These files include: help files, downloaded data, installers cache, music samples, pictures, etc.;
  4. Defragmentation: fast and convenient disk defragmenter. A good alternative to the utility built into Windows. By the way, after cleaning the disk from garbage.

JetClean is another fairly Windows tools registry cleaner for optimizing the Windows system, searching and deleting junk files, protecting personal data. After the utility works, your Windows will be the same as if you had just installed it. We want to note the design in the style of minimalism – there is nothing superfluous, everything is simple and clear. The program works very quickly and copes with its duties perfectly. This is one of the best programs to fix errors in the registry. In addition, the utility allows you to delete old and garbage entries from the registry, to optimize it, which positively affects the responsiveness of Windows.

In utility we have:

  • Quick optimization in 1 click: cleaning the registry, system, applications, shortcuts, RAM, etc. In general, a great tool for both a beginner and an experienced user;
  • Information about the system (you can find out a lot of information and characteristics of a PC);
  • Startup optimization;
  • Internet accelerator;
  • Disk defragmenter, registry;
  • Accelerator of computer (laptop) performance;
  • Auto- lean and auto update software;
  • Recovery center;

Portable version: you can write the utility to any USB flash drive and speed up any computer to which you can connect a USB flash drive (we apologize for the tautology).

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