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The state of the computer’s hard drive affects the speed of Windows 7, since the system actively uses the free space of the drive for its purposes. Installed applications, user data, as well as temporary and service files, are stored on the disk. A littered drive runs slowly, slowing down the entire computer. It’s time to clean up the drive and completely clean the drive from debris.

Three reasons to clean a disc:

  1. The need for free space. For the user, installed applications and Windows 7 itself, a significant amount of free space is required on the drive. Many software manufacturers even indicate this parameter among the most important when describing the requirements for the computer hardware.
  2. Sustainability. Non-existent links, “broken” files with reserved names, remnants of remote programs and drivers are often the cause of system and installed application failures. Digital junk stored on your hard drive makes Windows 7 unpredictable.
  3. Speed ​​of work. Empty and useless files clog the disk and create additional load on the file system, slowing down Windows 7.

Advanced System Optimizer

This is a good collection of Windows cleaner tools for optimizing and maintaining Windows. Thanks to this collection, you can reliably protect your PC from malware, clean the system from various “junk”, and optimize your Windows OS. Briefly about the capabilities of the complex:

  • cleaning, checking security and optimizing your computer (laptop) in 1 click;
  • cleaning and optimization of the registry, compression;
  • cleaning the hard drive of temporary files, empty folders, old files from remote programs, browser cache, etc.;
  • increased security of personal information: history of visited sites, passwords for accessing sites, online money, etc.;
  • data backup;
  • restore data from backup and much more.

Auslogics BoostSpeed

If your computer is slowing down, then this powerful Windows 7 cleanup tool for searching, analyzing and identifying the reasons for this will be most welcome! What else I want to add right away – cleaning, optimization and acceleration of the computer / laptop will take place in 1 click with the mouse. For example, checking with this utility on my working PC showed that:

  • you can delete ~ 360 MB of “junk” files on your hard drive (not many, but they may well affect performance);
  • there are 110 problems that affect the stability of the system.


CCleaner is the most popular utility for cleaning the hard drive from all sorts of junk files. Over time, additional options were included in the utility: optimization and compression of the registry, removal of programs (including those that are not deleted in the usual way), etc. As a result, we got an excellent program for caring for the Windows OS.

Using the program to madness is simple: after installation, launch it, select the “Cleaning” tab and press the start button to analyze your system. After a moment, the utility will give you the result: how much space it can free if you remove this and that. If you agree with everything – it cleans the system, if you exclude something from the found – the size of the vacated space will decrease.

By the way, many novice users are afraid: as if this utility (in which there are so many “ticks” and settings) would not delete anything superfluous. For them, I will say that the utility algorithms are optimized so that it does not harm your Windows. CCleaner cleans garbage for all popular programs: Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Media Player, eMule, Netscape, etc.

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